China Shrink Cream

This is an Oriental herbal cream which, when applied, maintains tightness of entry. It causes your vagina to begin to shrink in as little as 15 minutes! Designed for both partners to feel more. This vaginal tightening cream is tasteless and unscented, and works for up to 20 hours. You may need to add additional lubrication. Start off slow when applying so you know how it works for you personally. Individual results will vary.

Feel brand new with this China Shrink Cream! Simply apply the cream around the vaginal area, and in five minutes the muscle-tightening agent in the cream will not only tighten your vagina for a more intense feeling during intercourse for both you and your partner, but will also increase your overall sensitivity for new levels of amazing stimulation!

We do not recommend daily use. This should only be used on occasion. This is not an alternative fix of any medical problems. Sold as a novelty item only. If any irritation occurs stop using the cream.  For any long term tightness, please seek proper medical options.

China Shrink Cream

This comes from the instructions included with China Shrink Cream.

CHINA SHRINK CREAM is the ancient secret of Queens and concubines to please their Kings. At the application of this ointment, even women who have given birth too many children can again enjoy sex life as it was in heir honeymoons. The prescription is based on secrets of ancient Chinese court physicians. The ointment is composed by select precious herbs, manufactured under the utmost care and has absolutely no ill side-effects. It is the ideal remedy for failing marriages and it promises to bring back love and happiness.

INDICATION: For loose vagina due to multiple childbirth or frigidity. Five minutes after application, vagina will tighten and maintain for a period of 24 hours. The ointment also acts as an excellent disinfectant and deodorant.

METHOD OF APPLICATION: With clean finger, apply ointment on the wall of the vagina and around the opening of the womb. Effect will take place after five minutes.


Like everyone I was pretty unsure, but after the first few times we took it for a test run, I am sold. This stuff works. Now it is hard for me quantify tightness because that is relative, but what I can tell you is that when my woman uses it with out me knowing, I can tell in a second. So yes China Shrink Cream does make a difference. I would say it makes a pretty good difference. I am not sure if it will make everyone feel like a virgin, but it will at least upgrade the girl next door to a virgin and make a cheap two dollar whore feel like the prom queen. So I would say overall that is pretty good.

The one thing I was not expecting with China Shrink Cream and maybe this is my own misconceptions, but this is not any type of lube. I find lube a definite requirement when using this. Maybe it is the increased tightness or the stickiness of the lube itself, but lube may be required.

Overall I would say this is a great product for anyone who wants to “tighten her up” – now the challenge is for a man is how to tell your woman that you want her pussy tighter without getting a black eye. Good luck Guys!


Well let me just say first off, I was a little afraid to use this stuff. I am one that tends to break out with skin issues very easily even with something as simple as changing toilet paper. But I over came my fears and gave it a shot, and I had absolutely no reaction to this at all. This does not mean that nobody will, but at least I did not and I tend to react to too many things.

Well boy am I glad I tried this stuff. First time I used China Shrink Cream, I reached orgasm in about 1 minute and was too exhausted to continue…. LOL – So a short time later I recovered and was ready to give it a more thorough test. The results were amazing. It keeps the vagina tight and does not numb it at all. So I feel everything! In fact I would say it heightens the experience because of the pussy being so tight I am able to really feel EVERYTHING.

I find that lube helped with the gliding during sex. I find myself very “wet” from the excitement and the China Shrink Cream it self, however, I think it was not the “natural lube” kind of wet. So have some lube handy just in case.

The next day I was at a friend’s house and gave her my personal approval (along with some good details) of China Shrink Cream. She has now purchased it (and loves it too!).

This is one of those things that would make a good Valentines Day present (or any time of the year present) – buy some, use it and see if your man notices.


I would like to remind you that as the directions say, you must apply this at least 5 minutes before having sex for it to have time to work. Make sure you get a few good lines of China Shrink Cream on your finger then massage it completely around the vagina for a good even coating. We recommend a minimum of 15 minutes for it to start to take effect. It is meant to last up to 24 hours, we suggest around 20 hours, so applying it 1-2 hours before going out, will not make a difference.

I have seen a lot of reviews where people say that it did not work, but I think that is because they used the China Shrink Cream right before sex and the poor bastard could not last 5 minutes to see any benefit.


If you can not last 5 minutes without China Shrink Cream, this may not be for you because you will cum so fast that you end up with a disappointed woman that calls you Mr. Two Pumps.


Overall, we both would rate this a great product. We are not sure if it can save your marriage, but if you want your dick squeezed a little tighter, this will do the trick.

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12 Responses to China Shrink Cream

  1. marie says:

    How exactly do you apply this ointment? Is it throught the outside of the vagina or through the inside?


  2. marie says:

    How exactly do you apply this oinment? Is it through the inside of the vagina or through the outside?


    • Hello Marie,
      Apply a small amount [about 10mm of cream] to the outside of the vagina. It will seem to turn watery and feel a bit gritty but thats ok, just leave it to do its thing.
      Although the pamphlet says it works in 5 minutes up to 24 hours, we recommend allowing it around 1hr to get more effect and happy to say it will work 16-20hrs.
      After about 1hr the gritty feeling has dissolved and the vagina tightened.
      We have also tried it by inserting the cream into the vagina with the use of our new Lube Launchers and this is great to get a more full coverage tightening both inside and out.
      Read about Lube Launchers here

      This cream is amazing. We have tried others on the market and they do not deliver the promises of tightness. We highly recommend the china shrink cream above others on the market.

      Please know we do not recommend excessive use of the china shrink cream. Save it as a cream you use for something different or a special occasion, not daily.


  3. soonie says:

    This creme is Awesome….it does work no matter wat size the woman Is!!

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  5. halley says:

    i just tried it today it has been about 1 hour the first time it didnt take effect in 5 mins so i added more but now that i read this i may regret anyways we will see how it turns out tonight around 12 am or so

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  6. Madison says:

    Okay so two quick questions. If my boyfriend doesn’t wear a condom, will he be able to feel the grittiness of the cream or does it soak into your vagina? Also, can I shower after applying or will it was off?

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    • Hi Madison, Great questions, I will try to answer them for you.

      Firstly, we recommend you don’t have sex straight away after applying the cream, about 1 hr is good, results will vary for everyone. Information about the cream is limited so we can only assume or go from our experiences, so this is only an opinion and a guide response.
      We have had a chat about this with the girls and none of the men have mentioned feeling any of the grittiness. We assume that whatever causes this coarse feeling, dissolves and is possibly part of the ingredients that causes the tightening affect. The grittiness is very minimal, but we mentioned it because it was noticed on application but not noticed any other time. We like to give as much info as we can for our customers.

      With regards to showering. I am not sure why you would wan to apply and then shower, but if you immediately shower after applying then it probably would, as would anything else.
      We would recommend showering before applying and give the cream time to work its magic.
      Lets say you shower, 1 hr later you have sex, and you want to shower again after sex, then we don’t see a shower washing anything away as it should have already done what its meant to do. We would say the same when it came to going to the toilet. Because the cream is meant to work for several hours, none of the girls here have noticed a shower after sex, or even the next day [within around 16hrs of applying] has made any difference. NOTE this is based on conversation, no one has actually applied the cream and perform tests to answer your question so it may be different for you, but this is just what we have come up with between the girls.

      We recommend the Lube Launchers [] especially if you are concerned about the showering issue. Also if you want the ‘full’ tightness effect its worthwhile for him and you if your also nice and tight internally and not just externally.

      We highly recommend doing your own testing because results will vary from person to person, so you can find what works best for you, and your body.

      This is an awesome product, you wont be disappointed, nor will he !!! 😉

      You can purchase this from our website on this link


  7. Sandi says:

    The women in my family have been using China Shrink Cream for years. It absolutely tightens the vagina, though I personally think it takes around an hour to take effect. The only drawback is- IT TASTES ABSOLUTELY AWEFUL!!! That being said, unless foreplay is not a part of your night, you definitely don’t want to use this product without your partner’s knowledge- if even the slightest drop gets in his mouth- it’s extremely bitter like earwax. This is definitely a penetration-only product- so lube may be a must with the grittiness.


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