What is an E-Party?

What is an E-Party you ask?

An E-Party is an online Intimate Whispers Party that is hosted in a specified dedicated chat room.

At a specific Day and Time, we would open the chat room, and anyone can join in. That means if you dont live locally but would like to either attend or host an Intimate Whispers Party, we can now do this with you, online! You dont even have to leave the house, put on party food for guests, or get out of your PJ’s!! How cool is that!

 We will open the chat room, and have a starting time. When the E-Party gets started we will explain to everyone how things work. We will hold the party by playing games and having competitions, as the form of ‘demonstrating’ products to everyone.

This will be via Pictures posted in the chat room, or everyone searching the website like a treasure hunt. Games and Quizzes for people to be involved during the party, and PRIZES !!! Can’t have games without prizes now can we! This keeps the party active for everyone to join in as they would with an In-Home Party.

We will allow a certain amount of time at the end of the E-Party, for discussion, questions, or general chat with the guests, and help with any ordering. At this time, if its an Intimate Whispers hosted E-Party, we will also draw a MYSTERY HOSTESS from those people who have placed orders and that MYSTERY PERSON will receive a special ‘Hostess’ reward with their delivery. If a customer wants to host the party and invite their friends then the Hostess will get the rewards the same as if it was an in-home party, although the rewards are slightly different due to it being an online party.

During and after the E-Party, people will be able to email their orders to us and these will be sent to each individual after payments are received and any prizes the individual won during the E-Party will be included in their delivery.

If you would like to host your own personal Intimate Whispers E-Party with your friends and ensure you get all the hostess benefits, then let us know and we can help you organise this with invitations and information for your friends to meet online in our chat room for all the fun and games!

For more information on our products, visit our website www.intimatewhispers.com.au

Contact us:

E: admin@intimatewhispers.com.au

F: www.facebook.com/intmatewhispers


About IntimateWhispers

Intimate Whispers "All Things Adult mmmmm" Intimate Whispers is based on the Central Coast NSW and was voted as the nations #1 Adult Party Plan in 2008. We offer an extensive range of lingerie with sizes from 8 to 32, and a wide variety of adult toys to suit many tastes. Customers have the advantage of viewing our range online, or if local they can host an in-home party and see the products first hand. For those who are not local we are happy to conduct an E-Party for you. A wonderful new concept to party plan. Contact us for more details or you can order online via our website. You can contact us through Facebook:- www.facebook.com/intimatewhispers Website:- www.intimatewhispers.com.au E-Mail :- admin@intimatewhispers.com.au Twitter:- www.twitter.com/intimatewhisper
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