Party Plan — Is it for me?

I have been working in Party Plan since 1990 when I first started selling Tupperware.  Over the years having worked with many other companies, I have had the luck of having some very experienced managers who have shared their wisdom and a multitude of little quirks that help a consultant in their chosen business to represent. 

One of the most important things I learnt was that you need to be passionate and love the products your company offers. If you find the companys products to be dull, or boring, or uninteresting, then you will be doing the ‘hard sell’ and no one likes that.

Secondly, there is only 1 thing you actually sell, and that’s yourself! You don’t try and talk someone into buying something or booking a demonstration with you. If you have done your job and connected with each person as if they were important to you and giving them the right advice on their purchase, then they will buy and book and best of all, become loyal and a long term customer to you.

From there, its all about having fun. You get to work your own hours, you get to dictate how much you earn by how much effort you want to put in, you can have holidays when ever you want, and best of all, you can work it around your family and your life style. Be your own boss!

Unlike a regular job, party plan is always fun. A relaxed environment and always meeting new people. If you are a social butterfly, this could be the perfect job for you. People always love to be around the extrovert, the bubbly person who is the life of the party. People will want to party again with you, and great thing is, you make money while you party!

Do you think an extra $100 a week on top of your regular job, would be good? What about $200? How many hours a week do you spend watching tv? Can you imagine turning those hours into money? Just 2 parties a week could give you that much extra money. How much extra a week would you like? Or to replace your current income? Or how much do you think your worth? The sky is the limit so why not aim high?

Would you like to earn extra money to afford a holiday? Do you have children and would like to be able to afford to have extra cash for school fee’s or to be able to afford to take them on a holiday? That would mean 4 holidays a year!! What job allows you to have that or be flexible and have holidays when YOU want?  Want to upgrade your car? House renovations? Like to give up full time work to be able to have more time to do the things you enjoy? Maybe you just need a job but have no qualifications or returning to the workforce after having a family? Even just start saving towards your first mortgage? The list is endless.

We are constantly told what we can and cant do in our jobs. You cant have extra holidays. You will ONLY be paid so much per week. You cant have holidays in peak season. You must be available certain times. You cant start and finish when it suits you – unflexible hours. Blah Blah Blah.

Party Plan/Direct Sales gives you all the freedom to work when it suits you, to set your own income based on how much you want to earn. A team of people who are always available to help you succeed. Training provided in many different forms. Great commissions, excellent sales bounus’s, company promotions, and the possibilities of earning holidays or cars. In Direct Sales, the sky is the limit on everything you want.

Find something you like, what are you passionate about? Call someone today and enquire. It costs nothing to ask, and you just might find yourself in a place you only dreamed of. Personal and financial freedom.

For more information on becoming an Intimate Whispers consultant, email


About IntimateWhispers

Intimate Whispers "All Things Adult mmmmm" Intimate Whispers is based on the Central Coast NSW and was voted as the nations #1 Adult Party Plan in 2008. We offer an extensive range of lingerie with sizes from 8 to 32, and a wide variety of adult toys to suit many tastes. Customers have the advantage of viewing our range online, or if local they can host an in-home party and see the products first hand. For those who are not local we are happy to conduct an E-Party for you. A wonderful new concept to party plan. Contact us for more details or you can order online via our website. You can contact us through Facebook:- Website:- E-Mail :- Twitter:-
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