Why should I become an Intimate Whispers Consultant?

Intimate Whispers is currently a party plan company based on the Central Coast NSW.

We may not be as large as some of the multi national companies, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a vision for the future.

With Intimate Whispers you are not getting lost in the big pond of consultants and only a consultant number like larger companies.

You are joining an expanding and evolving new company who have fresh ideas and doesn’t do everything else the same as all others companies are doing.

Our Host benefits are exceptional and its not uncommon for a hostess to end up with over $2,500 value in rewards when hosting with Intimate Whispers.

We are a company who hold old fashion values on customer service. We are friendly and like to form long lasting partnerships with all our customers so they know where to turn for help, advice and products in the adult industry.

We don’t stop at a catalogue. We off an extra service to our customers to help source and advise on products that we don’t stock as part of our regular product range. Be it something unusual, or a shy customer not wanting to enter an adult shop, we offer the discrete and friendly service of out-sourcing to help fulfill all customers needs to the best of our ability.

Our Consultants keep most of their commission in their pockets. Unlike many companies, our consultants don’t pay for any hostess rewards, or part of a any hostess benefits. Intimate Whispers covers those costs. We dont lure you with exaggerated commission possiblities and then charge you for every reward to a hostess or customer. In some cases, that leaves you with overall less than 10% after expenses, that some other party plan companies try to entice you with.

We do not have ever changing catalogues meaning you are constantly having to buy in new stock to keep your display current. We only have 1 catalogue a year and monthly specials to help you keep things new and exciting for your regular customers. We also dont charge you any extras if we offer as bonus free items in any promotions.

Intimate Whispers understands the costs involved with being a direct sales consultant and works hard to keep that to a minimum so you keep more money in your pocket.

You are joining a company who has not saturated the market place with many other consultants in your area. Most cases you may be the only consultant serving your area.

Because Intimate Whispers is still expanding, you have the opportunity to become one of the leaders and become a part of management with extra rewards and bonus’s with a team of consultants who you can work with and lead to a successful career in direct sales.

Intimate Whispers management has over 20 years experience working with other party plan companies and knows how to look after their consultants and keep money in a consultants pocket.

If you have any questions or would like to become a consultant, please email us on admin@intimatewhispers.com.au and someone will be in contact with you to discus your new and exciting career prospect with Intimate Whispers.


About IntimateWhispers

Intimate Whispers "All Things Adult mmmmm" Intimate Whispers is based on the Central Coast NSW and was voted as the nations #1 Adult Party Plan in 2008. We offer an extensive range of lingerie with sizes from 8 to 32, and a wide variety of adult toys to suit many tastes. Customers have the advantage of viewing our range online, or if local they can host an in-home party and see the products first hand. For those who are not local we are happy to conduct an E-Party for you. A wonderful new concept to party plan. Contact us for more details or you can order online via our website. You can contact us through Facebook:- www.facebook.com/intimatewhispers Website:- www.intimatewhispers.com.au E-Mail :- admin@intimatewhispers.com.au Twitter:- www.twitter.com/intimatewhisper
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